Artist Statement





My paintings are often imaginative and fanciful. I like to paint subjects that are fun, and familiar.  My paintings are uniquely mine and have personal significance and are often a little whimsical.  I have only to look around me to come up with an inspiration. My inspiration could be my son’s bike parked on a snowy trail.   It might be my colorful Le Creuset tea kettle, a grandchild in a spontaneous moment, old stockpots or playful objects from everyday life.  Each new painting presents a personal challenge.  I strive to capture the image, gesture or idea that made me want to paint this particular subject.  My paintings are fresh and happy with loose brushstrokes, along with vibrant color.  My work has an immediacy about it giving it a contemporary flare.


Hopper Paints Gloucester (Title Page) began as a small plein air painting done from residential grounds in Rocky Neck.  I realized that the buildings lent themselves to a large painting composed of blocks of shapes and color, with perspective, but almost abstract.  The strong light would influence how the warm reds and siennas work with each other.