Artist Resume 

Barbara Naeser is an artist from Marblehead, Massachusetts.  Barbara's artistic journey grew from early art lessons on Martha's Vineyard to a Studio Art and Art History major at Smith College.  After graduation she worked for a well known Southwestern artist at Southern Methodist University.  She learned silkscreening there which led to expressing herself through whimsical and witty greeting cards.  About 12 years ago she seriously began painting again, first with watercolors and then oils which is her primary medium now.  In addition, she has become very excited painting with pastels.


Education also includes workshops at the Penninsula School of Art in Creek, Wisconsin and a workshop in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


Barbara is a juried artist as well as crafts member of the Marblehead Arts Association where she served on the Board as Special Events chair and then Treasurer for many years.  She is a member of Salem Arts, Newburyport and Swampscott Art Associations.  She chairs the Senior Exhibit for the Marblehead Festival of the Arts.  She is an artist studying in the North Shore Atelier.    Barbara's work has been exhibited at all these associations as well as arts festivals,  regional juried shows and invitational exhibits, including the Grand Tasting event in Salisbury in 2016.  Her work has been displayed in Wit and Whimsy,  Gold Direct Care and Hip Baby Gear in Marblehead.  She has had solo shows at various locations in Marblehead, Newburyport, Salem and Peabody.  She has won awards for her oil paintings at various local shows.




Honorable Mention NAA 2013 Winter members’ juried show  

First Place SAA October 2013 members’ show 

2nd prize Tisbury Fair, Martha's Vineyard age 9 

Best of Show SAA show at Grosvenor Park Summer 2015



Marblehead Arts Association (MAA) - juried Crafts since 2005 and juried Fine Arts since 2007

MAA Board of Directors 2004-2007 Special Events Chair; Treasurer 2007-2013

Newburyport Art Association since 2008

Swampscott Art Association – grant Secretary 2014, VP 2015, Treasurer 2016, 2017

SalemARTS Temporary Treasurer October 2015

Marblehead Festival of Arts Co-chair Senior Exhibit 2015-2017



MAA Cushman Gallery 2006

Abbot Public Library September 2010

Caffe di Siena, Newburyport March 2011

MAA Trucks

"Lost and Found" shop in Marblehead September 2011                   

Grosvenor Park Gallery October 2011

GAR Library, Newburyport September/Oct. 2012

Brushstrokes Gallery 9/2013

Stetson Art Gallery 2/2014

Centennial Gallery at Musculoskeletal Center 9/14

Grosvenor Park Gallery Oct.-Nov. 2015

Gold Direct Care Jan.. 2016 and Summer 2015




Atelier2011Governor’s Mansion 

Atelier 2012 Beverly Farms

Atelier 2013 Amesbury

Atelier 2015 and 2016 Centennial Gallery

Art Walk 2012, 2013, 2015 Wit and Whimsy, 2016 Hip Baby Gear, 2017 Lizzy Lou

Smith College Reunion Art Show 2013

Invited to judge MT Washington Valley Art Association show July 23, 2011

Salisbury, Grand Tasting Event sponsored by North Shore Magazine spring 2016

Invited by NAA to have individual exhibit in 2016

"By Association" Exhibit at ArcWorks spring 2017


 Juried Exhibitions:  MfoA Festival of the Arts, accepted in juried painting (5 years), juried drawing 2015 and  2016

 Juried shows at NAA and MAA 

 New England Regional juried shows


Other: Salem Probate Court 2016



Smith College Art major

Karen Ristuben  Rockport

Em Marquis Brown

Carleen Muniz

Lully Schwartz

Leonard Baskin

Elliot Offner

Shelly Eager

Peninsula School of Art  Maren Larsen, Colette Odetta Smith

Pastel workshop in San Miguel de Allende January 2017